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Tribute Plaze ariel view

Siegel & Shuster Tribute Plaza


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The History of Superman in Cleveland, OH

"What I learned from Superman is that even the smallest of us can make the biggest difference."

                                                        - Henry Cavill

"Superman stands for courage, integrity, and selflessness, qualities we should all strive for"

                                              - George Reeves

Book of Lies   Brad Meltzer

At the Cleveland house where Superman was born in the mind of Jerry Siegel, BOOK OF LIES author Brad Meltzer wants watchers to find their inner Supermen and help preserve the structure for posterity. 

Mike Polk Jr. gets an early look at proposed tribute statues, plaza to celebrate Superman

WKYC Channel 3

By Michele Herrmann & Roadtrippers

Video courtesy o WKYC Channel 3

Fans are one step closer to seeing the "Man of Steel" honored in the city where he was first brought to life. 

Earlier this year, city and county planners approved the concept for a Superman statue and a tribute plaza honoring his Cleveland creators, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

But while Cleveland-born sculptor David Deming is working to finalize all of the elements, a big hurdle remains for the project -- money. Organizers are asking "ordinary citizens" to help save the day. 

Cleveland Celebrates Superman,
Its Hometown Hero


By Brian Bull

Cleveland Celebrates Superman, Hometown Hero

Panels from Action Comics No. 1, the first Superman comic, adorn the site of illustrator Joe Shuster's former apartment building, long since demolished.
Brian Bull/WCPN

April 18, 2013, is a big day for Superman. The Man of Steel, more powerful than a locomotive, turns 75. Most of us know Superman's story — faster than a speeding bullet, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.  

Cleveland, the True Birthplace of Superman


By Anne Trubek

Cleveland is slowly beginning to recognize its role in creating the superhero who stood for "Truth, Justice, and the American Way." Jim Bowers,

Comic book fans and city activists hope that people think of the Ohio city, and not Krypton, as the home of the Man of Steel

Made in Cleveland: Superman may be the ‘Man of Steel,’ but he has Rust Belt Roots


By Michele Herrmann & Roadtrippers

Superman the Man of Steel

Photo courtesy of the Cleveland Public Library

According to his origin story, Superman was born on the planet Krypton—but the “Man of Steel” actually has much more down-to-earth, Rust Belt roots. Located on Kimberly Avenue in Glenville, on the east side of Cleveland, Ohio, is a modest, blue and gray three-story home. In front of the otherwise unassuming, privately-owned residence, a white fence is marked with a large red “S.” This was once the home of Jerry Siegel, the writer who co-created the comic book superhero with friend, illustrator, and fellow Clevelander Joe Shuster. 

Look, up in the sky – a statue of Superman on the way


By Abigail Preiszig

What the Siegel and Shuster Tribute Plaza at the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland could look like.

Submitted rendering

Almost 86 years after Superman, the impetus for the modern-day superhero genre was created in Cleveland, his influence is finding its way back to The Land.

Concrete Wall

Be a superhero and help support this project!

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